Introducing a new product from Advanced Targeting Systems. Screening a large numberĀ of antibodies for the ability to internalize can be prohibitively expensive in both cost and time. The ZAP Antibody Internalization Kit contains all the components needed for three 96-well plates, or 288 tests. The ability to perform a diagnostic screen that is amenable to high-throughput methods, prior to direct conjugation of those antibodies, is a great cost-benefit in the development of an effective targeted conjugate.

The ZAP Antibody Internalization Kit contains all of the materials needed to screen your antibody. Included, in addition to the selected ZAP products, are controls and XTT developing reagents for the assay. All the user provides are the materials specific to their experiment (the antibody candidate, cells expressing the target, and culture reagents). Recommended protocols for use are detailed in a booklet and on a flash drive provided, and are specific to the particular kit chosen (Whole-ZAP, Fab-ZAP, or FabFc-ZAP). Examples of predicted assay results are also included for comparison; a successful assay provides an EC50 useful in determining if the candidate-antibody should be pursued at the next level.

Watch this ZAP Antibody Internalization Kit video tutorial included on the ZAP kit flash drive.

ZAP Kit kit includes XTT developing reagents plus: Cat#
Anti-M-ZAP Anti-M-ZAP, Goat IgG-SAP, Saporin KIT-30-Z
Chick-ZAP Chick-ZAP, Rabbit IgG-SAP, Saporin KIT-62-Z
Goat-ZAP Goat-ZAP, Rabbit IgG-SAP, Saporin KIT-36-Z
gPIG-ZAP gPIG-ZAP, Goat IgG-SAP, Saporin KIT-64-Z
Hug-M-ZAP Hug-M-ZAP, Goat IgG-SAP, Saporin KIT-43-Z
Hum-ZAP Hum-ZAP, Goat IgG-SAP, Saporin KIT-22-Z
Mab-ZAP Mab-ZAP mouse, Goat IgG-SAP, Saporin KIT-04-Z
Rab-ZAP Rab-ZAP, Goat IgG-SAP, Saporin KIT-05-Z
Rat-ZAP Rat-ZAP, Goat IgG-SAP, Saporin KIT-26-Z
Fab-ZAP human Fab-ZAP human, Fab-IgG-SAP, Saporin KIT-51-Z
Fab-ZAP mouse Fab-ZAP mouse, Fab-IgG-SAP, Saporin KIT-48-Z
Fab-ZAP rabbit Fab-ZAP rabbit, Fab-IgG-SAP, Saporin KIT-57-Z
Fab-ZAP rat Fab-ZAP rat, Fab-IgG-SAP, Saporin KIT-55-Z
FabFc-ZAP FabFc-ZAP human, Fab-IgG-SAP, Saporin KIT-65-Z