CUSABIO is a leading biotechnology company specialised in the production of high quality products for gene, protein, antibody and ELISA kit, in vitro diagnostic raw material, drug residues, food safety assay kit, small molecule.

Products cover research areas such as the biosynthesis/metabolism, neurobiology, cytokine, growth factor, autoimmunity and so on, including over:

-5000 kinds of ELISA its for 37 species

-9000 polyclonal antibodies

– 300 monoclonal antibodies

-2,000,000 high quality recombinant proteins through the E.coli, yeast, mammalian cell and insect expression systems

-13,000 cDNA clones

-small molecule antigens and standards

Besides the high quality products, CUSABIO also provides comprehensive customised services to a broad range of customers around the world.

Please visit their website at www.cusabio.com for product information.