Quality, Innovation, Ethical Service . . . Integrated Proteomics Solutions™

Since 1993, AnaSpec, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated proteomics and genomics solutions™ for worldwide life science research. As a subsidiary of Eurogentec, AnaSpec offers expertise in peptides, detection reagents, antibodies, assay kits, oligonucleotides, and qPCRs. AnaSpec carries a broad product line of biochemicals and reagents for basic research, high-throughput screening and drug discovery. AnaSpec also provides premier custom services including peptide synthesis, antibody production, assay development and oligonucleotide synthesis. AnaSpec is certified to ISO 9001:2008.


The scientific team at AnaSpec is staffed by experts in the fields of peptide technology, fluorescence technology, antibodies, and combinatorial chemistry. Our expertise in these complementary fields translates into both premium quality products and cutting-edge innovation.


  • GMP and GLP custom peptide synthesis
  • The world’s largest collection of Amyloid peptides, FRET, MS (Multiple Sclerosis) diseases and Histones
  • Labeled primary antibodies, labeled secondary antibodies and labeled streptavidin
  • Leading fluorescence technologies generating new versatile fluorescent reagents such as HiLyte Fluor™ dyes and QXL™ quenchers useful for FRET and other fluorometric applications
  • Novel SensoLyte™ HCV, Renin, WNV, and Anti-MOG Assay Kits, the industry’s first in their field, developed with greater selectivity and sensitivity for detection applications
  • Thousands of new building blocks and amino acid derivatives produced for medicinal and combinatorial chemistry

As a company founded by researchers, we recognize the inextricable connection between the quality of one’s tools and the success of one’s research. Since our inception, AnaSpec has had a longstanding reputation for the unsurpassed quality of our products. All products are manufactured according to strict ISO and GMP/GLP guidelines and are accompanied with certificates of analysis. AnaSpec’s peptides are produced in our own manufacturing facilities located in Fremont, CA.

Ethical Service

Complementing our full commitment to product quality, AnaSpec provides unparalleled customer support. Our professional customer support staff is always ready to answer your order and technical inquiries with personalized, attentive care. Custom project reports are available at www.anaspec.com for efficient purchasing and planning. Whatever your need is, you can always depend on us to assist you in a prompt and professional manner.

Integrated Proteomics & Genomics Solutions

More than simply providing products or services, AnaSpec is singularly focused on providing solutions for the most demanding research challenges. The synergy of AnaSpec’s technologies combined with a premium placed on the values of quality, innovation, and service, make AnaSpec uniquely qualified as the leading provider of Integrated Proteomics Solutions™.

Please visit our website at www.anaspec.com for product information.