Advanced Targeting Systems (ATS) is a San Diego-based biotechnology company dedicated to providing quality targeting reagents for scientific research and pharmaceutical development. ATS has applied for patent protection on two of its products for research and therapeutic applications in pain and drug delivery.

For over ten years, ATS has primarily focused on the development and sale of products for the Neuroscience research community. The Company’s current product line includes targeted toxins, antibodies and custom services designed to assist neuroscientists in the study of nervous system function, brain-related diseases and disorders.

The technology that provides the foundation for the Company’s products has a broad spectrum of applications, not only in the field of Neuroscience, but in virtually every medical and pharmaceutical research field in practice today. ATS is continuing to develop and expand the existing product line through strategic scientific collaborations with top scientists throughout the world.


Advanced Targeting Systems was founded in April of 1994 to concentrate production efforts that had been developed and refined by Douglas Lappi, Ph.D. (President and Chief Scientific Officer) and Ronald Wiley, M.D., Ph.D. (Scientific Advisor) in their academic laboratories. Together, they developed a powerful neuroscience technique which the Company has termed Molecular Neurosurgery.

Molecular Neurosurgery is a modification of one of the most widely used techniques in the Neurosciences: lesioning of a region by surgical means and observation of the effect. All neuroscientists recognize and are comfortable with this concept, and Lappi and Wiley were able to present a new method of molecular lesioning by means of a specific cytotoxin. Because of this, 192-IgG-SAP, one of Advanced Targeting Systems’ first products for market, is in use in the finest Neuroscience laboratories worldwide.

Product Focus

Advanced Targeting Systems pioneered the use of targeted toxins. These products include specific lesioning agents for cholinergic basal forebrain neurons, noradrenergic and adrenergic neurons, macrophages and microglia and a pan-neuronal agent that strikes an epitope expressed on all neurons. In addition, ATS produces and sells “second immunotoxins” (or “secondary conjugates”) which allow users to convert their own targeting agents into specific cytotoxic tools. The Company also sells neuronal and neuroendocrine antibodies.

Pharmaceutical Applications

In 1997, the Company created SP-SAP. This reagent eliminates specific pain transmission neurons that propagate the signal for chronic pain, but it has no effect on normal pain sensitivity, which continues to function normally. The ability to separate chronic pain transmission from normal pain transmission, and the ablation of the former, created great excitement in the scientific community. Advanced Targeting Systems has been granted patent protection for this molecule, the second generation reagents, and has patents pending for the uses of these molecules for treatment of chronic pain. A wide variety of other molecules for the study and treatment of pain are in development.

The Future

Advanced Targeting Systems’ targeting techniques result in a broad and enabling technology. The characterization of monoclonal antibodies to cell surface antigens of neurons is in the early stages of development. This is one of the base materials for the technology of Advanced Targeting Systems and, as time goes on, new, improved reagents will be introduced that can be used as targeting agents. The introduction of the first line of reagents provided a structure for the commercialization of an entire line of innovative, new tools for Molecular Neurosurgery, vascular biology, pharmaceutical development and many other applications that would be enhanced by the elimination of cells.

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