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Abgent was built to complete the Genome Omniscient Antibody Library (GOAL)

Abgent develops primary antibodies & provides first-in-class custom peptide synthesis & antibody development. Our antibodies are widely used for Autophagy, Apoptosis, Stem Cells, Phosphorylation, Cell Function & Gene Regulation research. Synthesis of difficult peptides; including long peptides, is a core competency. High-quality, rapid turnaround & personal support is guaranteed.

The purpose of GOAL is to provide one or more validated antibodies for every human protein. This antibody sensing library will accelerate research in the life sciences.

Abgent’s extensive portfolio of antibodies includes the following:

  • 4500+ antibodies against the entire human kinome
  • 150+ antibodies for autophagy
  • 900+ antibodies for stem cell research
  • 200+ phosphospecific antibodies to the MAP kinase and apoptosis pathways
  • Comprehensive antibodies sets for methylation, acetylation, sumoylation, ubiquitination pathways.

Please visit our website at www.abgent.com for product information.