Biovendor pentaset

Biovendor’s new supplementary reagents for PENTASETS

The BioVendor PENTASET is a development kit containing specific components including pre-optimized antibody matched pair, recombinant protein standard and streptavidin-HRP required for the development of a sandwich ELISA. The basic set is sufficient to make 5 x 96-well plates.

Development kits 

• contain a basic set of specific pre-optimized components, designed for the assembly of a functional sandwich ELISA by intermediate and experience users

• are an economical alternative to buying separate antibodies and protein standards

• contain selected antibodies and recombinant standard in optimized concentrations, reducing development time and assay variability

• can be adapted for use across multiple platforms

• allow one to choose the optimal amount of plates to make

Please click the following link to find out more information about the PENTASETs.