Assaypro product spotlight – Human Complement C5 ELISA Kit

Complement C5 is the fifth component of the complement system, playing a key role in both cell killing and inflammation. After cleavage, C5a takes part in the process of chemotaxis and C5b initiates the complement membrane attack complex.

AssayMax Human Complement C5 ELISA Kit is designed to detect C5 in human plasma, serum, saliva, cerebrospinal fluid, and cell culture samples in less than 4 hours.

Human Complement C5 Antibody

product spotlight Highly sensitive Human Complement C5 Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibodies are available with various conjugations, including biotin, HRP, FITC, RPE, APC, and PerCP. Suitable for a variety of applications, Assaypro’s competitively priced antibodies are the perfect choice for your research needs.

Positive and Negative Human Complement C5 Controls

Positive and Negative Human Complement C5 Controls

Ideal for assay validation, positive controls are available for purchase to be used with our Human Complement  C5 ELISA Kit. These controls are prepared from diseased or spiked samples that express a known concentration of the target antigen. Negative controls prepared from negative or deficient samples known not to express the target antigen are also available. Use for assay validation to determine non-specific binding and false positive results.These products are not available for purchase separate from the AssayMax Human Complement C5 ELISA Kit.

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